Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The First Lady Continues Our Children's Downward Spiral

Last night, First Lady Michelle Obama continued on her path toward promoting childhood obesity on the Jay Leno show. Her newest message is if you make it at home with fresh ingredients, it is healthy.

Here is one example of a healthy snack:

If I'm quoting what I heard on the radio earlier, I believe Mrs. Obama explained to Jay that the White House honey she had as a dip assisted the apple ingestion. I suppose it is very difficult for most kids to just eat an apple by itself? So her snack is comprised of about 20 grams of fructose in the apple, along with probably just as much fructose and sucrose in the honey.

Mrs. Obama, simply because something comes from nature and is "natural" is not a good argument for it equating to a healthy way of eating. If I eat a large cocoa leaf salad a day, I anticipate some bad immediate results. Simply because there may be a delayed negative affect by eating a certain food does not mean it is a good idea. Ingesting the honey and the apple combined is essentially a sugar bomb for your body. Even worse - the fructose, as described in this rather long but mind-blowing lecture (now nearing 2 million views): Sugar, The Bitter Truth travels straight to your liver. The rest of the human body cannot process/convert it. A side affect of fructose conversion during the citrate process is a nasty called VLDL, or Very Low Density Lipoprotein. This is the worse type of cholesterol transfer particle which can very easily become lodged in artery walls and cells.

To add further insult to injury, what are we having for dinner? Whole Wheat Pizza! How many kids will get mad about that? Wheat is one of the most terrible substances on the planet. When the human body ingests wheat, it converts immediately to glucose (i.e. sugar). It has a higher Glycemic Index value than simply ingesting sugar itself. If this were not bad enough, all wheat contains gluten, a substance that is foreign to the human body and should have never been ingested. This is why gluten ingestion has caused millions food allergies, neurological issues and many more digestive issues. All of these aforementioned problems seem to melt away once gluten ingestion is stopped. Wheat is also not a great thing in itself. One has to has where it comes from. Wheat of today has no resemblance to wheat of just a few decades ago, so the argument that we've been ingesting wheat for thousands of years is bunk. It is not the same. Wheat of today is created in a lab (i.e. genetically modified), sprayed with chemicals and in some cases bleached. After this bleaching vitamins are re-added. It is a GMO mutant food staple across the world due to its very low price - and this is why we find it in everything.

A child may wake up one day, eat toast and cereal, sandwich for lunch with pretzels, pizza or pasta for dinner - and there you have it.

What First Lady Obama is doing is throwing a diversionary tactic into the conversation. Now, "Whole Grain" equates to health. The reasoning behind this is simply it has more vitamins as they are not stripped out during the usual bleaching/chemical/milling/refining process. It is still processed, but just vitamin "rich". Unfortunately, this argument falls flat. Everything else is same in the equation - the chemicals, the affect on the body and of course the gluten.

I suppose we cannot expect too much coming from the creator of My Plate. Hopefully one day we'll have a First Lady or President confident enough to get everyone to wake up to reality about what is happening to the United States. Meanwhile, I'll skip on the healthywholegrains.