Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm Hungry, Should I Eat?

Before I began eating low-carbohydrate for life, I would commonly be hungry shortly after a meal. Usually not breakfast (though I rarely had meals that early), but lunch and dinner. I would always feel a little guilty, thinking that eating all of those extra calories was not good for me and making me get fatter. I was right to feel guilty, due the fact I was still eating crap.

My breakfast:

Okay, so maybe my breakfast wasn't approved by them yet. They'll come around.

Nitrate free bacon so don't be scared! Went heavy on the sausage today and the kids were happy about it though I think everyone prefers bacon. C'est la vie.

Back to the topic at hand - had a few sausages and some squash last night for dinner. Really good, though I was hungry soon after. I don't think it was enough. Had some cheese, peanuts and like three eggs before bed and you know what, I don't feel guilty. I know if I don't eat when I'm hungry, that is a bad thing for your body.

To note: While typing this posting up, I was trying to munch on some peanuts via a large container...and my coffee was too close. I submerged my entire hand in my coffee. Luckily, the coffee had finished brewing about an hour ago or I'd be typing one-handed.

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