Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blood Panel

Two days ago, I visited the doctor - a new doctor - for an issue I've been having. It had been awhile but part of my reason for visiting was to eagerly request a lipid panel. Ever since going low-carb, I have wanted to see what my cholesterol looked like, specifically my HDL, LDL, VLDL, Triglycerides and total cholesterol. I've read a lot about the dangers of sugar, including that it can cause and feed cancer, and want to ensure my blood sugar stays at a constant low rate.

Researching my family history for so long, I know my genetics predispose me for cardiac/circulatory issues. I want to give myself the best chance at a long life. While I normally keep my sugar intake to a minimum, I do have an apple every other day or so - had cut back from daily. I do make sure I have the appropriate nutrition - I just don't like to get it from such a sugary source. Last time I had a granny smith apple, it tasted like Fun Dip, no lie.

Prior to going low-carb, I had a horrible sweet tooth. I could down donuts with ease and a large amount of candy no problem. Now I rarely even think about them.

When I get my panel, I'll post to give further credence to the fact that a low carbohydrate diet will not only drop the pounds, but also make you a healthier individual. They did weigh me again at the doctor visit and I'm at 175. Seems between 170 and 175 is what I'm now deeming my 'frame weight'. We all genetically have a biological frame that was designed soon after conception and our diet is what determines (aside from any hormone or metabolic disorders) our weight.

Anyway, expecting the results today or tomorrow, it is like early Christmas.