Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rita's Supports the Fight Against Cancer?

Here is Rita's continued support of Alex's Lemonade Stand.  Obviously, it is a great cause - fighting cancer.  No one disputes this.  However, the method whereby the money is made - essentially ingesting large quantities of sugar is dare I say counter-intuitive? 

As many of us are fully aware, high quantities of sugar ingestion raise blood-glucose levels and may lead to eventual metabolic disorders, fatty livers and organs.  These disorders cause an out of whack glucose regulation in your body.  Where does all of this glucose go?

            Cancer's Food = Glucose.  It requires it.

There's no way I'm saying that the Foundation for Childhood Cancer has some backhanded motive.  They are just going about fundraising in the worst way possible.  For instance, from 2001-2004, check out the Usual Intake of Added Sugars on the National Cancer Institute site:


It is important to note that these Added Sugars include:

"...white, brown and raw sugar, syrup, honey, and molasses that were eaten separately or used as ingredients in processed or prepared foods such as *breads, cakes, soft drinks, jams, and ice cream."

 *Don't forget, healthywholegrains are breads too - and included as added sugar.

 While some readers may take offense to me suggesting that having a Rita's now and then doesn't hurt, take a look at the facts.  Some children...even infants ingest way too much added sugar in their diet.  I'm sure most kids, after a certain age don't want the kid size either.

Your body is not in a toxic state if you have less than a teaspoon of sugar/glucose throughout your system.

Kids portion:  11.4 teaspoons of sugar.

Regular portion:  18.3 teaspoons of sugar.

Back to the lemonade - how many cups of sugar are they putting in 1 pitcher nowadays?

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