Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Have Diabetes - Help!

You'd think the above glucose meters were iPod shuffles, right?  Diabetes has become such a common occurrence, they're designing flashy meters to meet the rising inclusion of teens into the group.  Nearly 1/4 of the current population of the United States - 100 million - have either full blown type II diabetes or are pre-diabetic.

So you have type II diabetes?  Here is all you need to do to get your life back and stay off the meds:

1)Don't listen to your doctor.  Type II diabetes is completely preventable AND reversible.  You did not inherit it from your mom or dad. 

2)Go to the bookstore, or wherever and read up on some literature.  A good list (diabetes-related toward the bottom) can be found here:

You need to read up on:  a)How you became Type II
                                       b)How to reverse it
                                       c)How to keep it from coming back

3)Begin a low-carbohydrate lifestyle on day 1.

Type II diabetes is a metabolic disorder, much like obesity.  And in tandem with obesity (which it is often cited as having correlation to), simplistically speaking it is caused by continuously high levels of blood-glucose - leading to eventual "insulin resistance".  Insulin resistance is when all but fat cells resist insulin's main job of storing fatty acids/offloading glucose from your blood.  This is why many type II's are also overweight or obese - comes from the same cause.  However, the subcutaneous fat may not be present until later after diagnosis unless blood-glucose is controlled.

Doctors, nurses, dieticians, and major organizations (i.e. American Diabetes Association) all push diabetes management, rather than the proven cure aforedescribed.  Even the ADA's "Stop Diabetes" site promotes "healthy eating" changes.  See here:

For their July meal, here is a nutrient breakdown:


There is the standard USDA-Approved low-fat (especially saturated fat), high carbohydrate meal.  I suppose it is lower than the 350grams of recommended carbohydrates.  Assuming normal non-diabetic individuals can process around 9g of carbohydrate an hour, I would say this is a mealtime disaster.  This is case in point on why you cannot listen to most doctors, organizations and advice.  They are so ingrained with completely false unscientific information, they don't know any better.  

Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be glad to help.

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